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Corporate Travel

Upon gaining a new client, a set of service standards tailored to those clients’ individual needs is agreed. These are then introduced and reviewed on a regular basis in conjunction with the client. Thus ensuring we are providing the optimum levels of service possible.

  • We will answer 90% of all calls within 4 rings.
  • We will acknowledge all e-mails within 4 hours, during working days.
  • We will not issue any travel documentation without first receiving a correctly authorized and completed purchase order.
  • All air bookings will be ticketed and dispatched at least 24 hours prior to departure, unless booking occurs within that period or otherwise agreed with the client.
  • We will provide to all travelers a comprehensive itinerary for every booking.
  • Comparison quotes detailing cheaper options will be given every time upon receiving travel request.
  • All reservations will be made in accordance with the client’s company travel policy.
  • Written confirmation of all bookings will be sent to the travel booker.

Service Timing And Availability

Working week Monday to Saturday 0900 to 2100.
Weekly holiday on Sunday.

24 hour emergency support for after office hours & on holidays.
Members of the designated team will have 24 hour mobile contact, who will immediately assist on any inquiry / problem.